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About the Programme

We live in the information society, where a significant role has been given to new technologies. Our life in the 21st century cannot be imagined without the Internet, e-commerce and other information technologies, which enhance business and social communication and stimulate technological progress. New technologies have constantly been creating new opportunities in life and science, building bridges between people from different countries and cultures.

The law which governs exploitation of intellectual creations must respond to new challenges. The Joint Master’s Degree Program in Intellectual Property and New Technologies offered jointly by the Jagiellonian University, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the Polish Patent Office provides an answer to the demand for better understanding of interfaces between technology and intellectual property law and specialised training in these rapidly developing areas.

The Programme offers an extensive learning scheme for the currently emerging interfaces between intellectual property law and new technologies, as well as other legal issues related to new technologies. Particular courses will adopt comparative approach towards IP regulations, with EU law serving as the prevailing legal regime for Europe.  By taking this approach the Program attracts undergraduate and graduate students as well as well professionals from the public and private sectors who wish to acquire the highly profiled skills in the field.

The programme takes advantage of new technologies. Its first, non-residential semester is realised on-line, through a state-of-the-art e-learning platform. The remaining two residential semesters, which take place in Kraków, combine traditional lectures and seminars with e-learning.

The Programme cooperates with the leading local and international law firms specializing in IP Law and New Technologies:

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Programme’s stakeholders are contributing to the Programme by:

-  offering internships

-   providing practical workshops