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The list of departments' websites, where some useful information can be found. Unfortunately most of them have no English version.

  1. Administrative Law
  2. Administrative Procedure
  3. Agricultural Law
  4. Business Regulation and Economic Policy
  5. Civil Law
  6. Civil Procedure
  7. Comparative Constitutional Law
  8. Constitution Law
  9. Criminal Law
  10. Criminal Procedure
  11. Criminology
  12. Ecclesiastical Law and Law on Religious Denominations
  13. European Law
  14. Financial Law
  15. Forensic Science
  16. History of Administration and Administrative Ideas
  17. History of Political and Legal Doctrine
  18. History of Polish Law
  19. History of State and Law
  20. International Private Law
  21. International Public Law
  22. Labour Law and Social Policy
  23. Law of Territorial Self-Government
  24. Law on Environmental Protection
  25. Penitentiary Law
  26. Philosophy of Law and Legal Ethics
  27. Private Economic Law
  28. Roman Law
  29. Sociology of Law
  30. Theory of Law