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Pan-European Seal Programme 2024

Wydział Prawa i Administracji UJ jest uczestnikiem Pan-European Seal Programme, którego celem jest powiązanie środowiska akademickiego z rynkiem pracy w sektorze własności intelektualnej. Pan-European Seal Programme został utworzony przez dwie wiodące instytucje europejskie w dziedzinie własności intelektualnej - Europejski Urząd Patentowy (EPO) i Urząd Unii Europejskiej ds. Własności Intelektualnej (EUIPO) - we współpracy z czołowymi ośrodkami naukowymi w Europie. Jego podstawowym celem jest umożliwienie najlepszym studentom wybranych uniwersytetów odbycia stażu zawodowego w ww. instytucjach. Stażyści otrzymują miesięczne stypendium a długość stażu wynosi 1 rok, z możliwością przedłużenia do 3 lat w przypadku EPO. Poniżej przedstawiamy schemat rekrutacji wraz z jej warunkami oraz linki do bardziej szczegółowych informacji.

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Pan-European Seal Programme 2024

The application process consists of two stages. The first stage carried out by IP Law Chair of the Faculty aims at shortlisting candidates recommended by Jagiellonian University. The second phase is conducted separately by EUIPO and EPO. However, only candidates shortlisted by IP Law Chair may take part in the second phase.

1st phase timeline and requirements

  • 1-26 February – submission of candidates applications

  • 26-29 February – evaluation and shortlisting of candidates

Interested students are supposed to submit the following documents in English

  • Obligatory
    • CV in europass format.
    • Motivation letter indicating the choice of the traineeship location (EPO or EUIPO – not both)
    • Degree/Master diploma or proof of conclusion, indicating the final grade. This can be replaced by a provisional declaration, until final diploma is issued. The provisional declaration could be obtained at Dean Office of the Faculty.
  • Optional
    • An English knowledge certificate (at least level B2). The higher English skills are of advantage. Alternatively a similar certificate for other working languages at EUIPO or EPO is accepted.
    • The opinion of Maser thesis supervisor confirming the work title and estimated time of the defense.
    • Any other documents confirming the so far experience in IP field as well as student’s activity at international level

The required documents should be submitted to IP Chair office, namely: Iryna Fesiuk ( preferably via mail, before the abovementioned deadline.

Eligibility criteria

  • EUIPO candidates
    • Nationality of the Member States of the European Union. A limited number (up to 10%) of nationals of candidate EPO candidates
    • Diploma of completed university studies at least at bachelor's level;
    • Excellent knowledge of one of the EUIPO’s official languages.
  • EPO candidates
    • Nationality of an EPO Member State
    • Diploma of completed university studies at least at bachelor's level;
    • Excellent knowledge of one of the EPO’s official languages (English, German, French).

2nd phase timeline and requirements

EUIPO applications

  • 01 – 31 March – Submission of the online applications through the EUIPO e-recruitment tool.
  • 01 – 30 April - Pre-selection process at the EUIPO
  • May until July - Candidates are interviewed and selected by the EUIPO
  • mid September - Start of the traineeship Programme at the EUIPO
  • Until 31 December - Non-selected candidates remain in Shortlist
  • During December - Communication of results to the PES Members

Students will be obliged to submit:

  • CV in English in Europass Word format.
  • Motivation letter, clearly indicating the choice of traineeship location (EUIPO or EPO – not both).
  • Degree/Master diploma or proof of conclusion, indicating the final grade. This can be replaced by a provisional declaration, until final diploma is issued. All the candidates need to have finished with their studies of the current academic year before the starting date of the traineeship (i.e. beginning of September), including the submission of their dissertation.
  • Certificate(s) of completion of at least one of the following courses: “EUTM in a Nutshell” (4h approximately); and/or “RCD in a Nutshell” (4h approximately).
  • To complete the above courses, candidates must create an account of PES user and log in at EUIPO Academy Learning Portal
  • EUIPO candidates will be also required to indicate their preferences among the traineeship profiles available at the Office, however, the Office is in no case committed by the candidates preferences indicated in their application, thus selected candidates may be offered any other position related to their profile different from the ones indicated in their application.

EPO applications

  • 29 February - Deadline for university shortlist
  • 15 March - Deadline for students’ application submission
  • June - Communication of results to candidates
  • September - Communication of results to universities
  • 15 September - Start of programme at the EPO

Students will be asked to submit:

  • A letter of motivation expressing the reasons for applying
  • Up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • A degree certificate (a provisional declaration may be submitted pending the conferral of your degree)


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